A Gorgeous Summer Glow in Winter 2015!


Now that most holiday festivities are over and everyone is getting back to their normal routines and enduring the harsh cold weather in most cities across North America, dry skin might be come an issue.

There is no doubt skin looks its best during the summer months. With the abundance of sun and more humid air you can have glowing skin with much less effort. During the winter that proves to be much harder, with all those layers and time spent inside our skin becomes dry and many times dull. But, there are ways to continue having healthy skin during the colder seasons šŸ™‚

Reach for an Illuminator- It gives some more life to skin, when used in a illuminating fluid or similar form. But it is advised to stay away from illuminating foundations as they can may too much for your skin. Blending a few drops over your makeup brush can give you a fabulous glow.

Don’t go too dark with bronzer- Reaching for the bronzer you used in the summer won’t work as well. BB creams gives skin a healthy glow that will look natural. A soft, warm shade will not look too tan but will warm up skin.

Try a Liquid Bronzer- For added warmth that looks much more natural the powdered form. It works with almost all skin tones to add boost and warmth

Going a shade darker than your natural skin tone- It adds a glowy finish and a little bit of color. Applying tinted moisturizer one shade darker than skin’s natural shade.

Add extra moisture- One of the biggest winter skin problems in dry skin, which can be flaky and even itchy at times. Switching your regular moisturizer for a richer formula along with moisturizing in the morning and evening can lead to much healthier looking and feeling skin.

Avoiding powders- Sticking with liquid forms, and staying away from anything to thick or powdery. Those formulas will add moisture to dry skin and leave a dewy finish. To control skin but keep a glow blotting sheets are great.